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Paris Paintings inspired
by my Graphic Designs

Everyone always wants to see the latest painting that I'm working on!   So here's the latest news about my current work of art for you... I am creating works of art inspired by my early years in Paris where my French style of art was first established.  As you can see, back then I was greatly influenced by Picasso.  So I am now creating an entire online exhibit as a tribute to Picasso to show the influence that his work has had in my own work.  I will be discussing that in detail in this future online exhibition... However, as I am also a graphic designer, this oil painting shown here was originally created as a graphic work of art inspired by my early years in Paris.  In that sense, it is "Paris Graphic Design".  So the latest news is that I am now using my background in graphic design to create new works of art such as this large oil painting as fine art. Here you can see how this work of art goes from my art studio to an oil painting being displayed in the American in Paris Gallery.

Latest Oil Painting