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David Zermeno is a Harvard graduate who holds a degree in the Humanities.  He studied European Film and Photography at Harvard's Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts. He then completed his studies in Graphic Design from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  Zermeno has had a long professional career in the arts and as a community leader in Boston. 


He spent his early career as a teacher and community organizer in the public access movement empowering disadvantaged communities.  He has also taught at the community and university level.  As an Executive Director he created an organization offering art programs dedicated to peace and nonviolence for disadvantaged low income families and has toured nationally helping nonprofits succeed.  This new venture of using his historic mansion as an artist museum allows him to continue working as an artist, consultant, and graphic designer while keeping his lifelong commitment to the arts.

Arts Executive, David Zermeno
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