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Embracing The Inner Child

An Exhibition of New Works Celebrating the Bold Inner Child

"It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child. ”

As adults we often forget the joy we felt creating playing with crayons and creating art as children. Children are our greatest teachers. Anyone who has ever watched a children create art knows that we can't help but be in awe seeing how fearless and BOLD they are! As someone who has spent many years creating community art programs for people from all walks of life, this exhibition was created after being particularly inspired watching children as inspirational artists and bold creators. Watching children create art has inspired me to go back to my studio and be bold and fearless and embrace my own inner child while creating art and has inspired the theme for this exhibition.

BOLD: Embracing the Inner Child is a collection of new works going back to my original style using bold lines and celebrating the practice of embracing my inner child. It also includes a few selections from the museum's collection also done in this bold style inspired by the artists from Paris & France at the turn of the last century.

This exhibition celebrates the practice of embracing our inner child to be bold, not only in art, but also in our picking up our passions and fulfilling our unique purposes that are meaningful in our personal lives. For example, for me, that means using art to inspire others.

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