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An Artist View of Life!

As an artist and arts director, I am committed to living in a world filled with "love, art, and beauty".  It's my personal philosphy that there's no place like home! That's why ZermenoMuseum is literally a "living art museum" where I am celebrating the arts in my own private home that I've created as a sanctuary for art and inspiration. Thus, these art collections are presented in my personal and genuine "intimate" living environment to share my personal perspective and "My View of Life" as an American in Paris artist.

My collections are presented throughout the interior rooms as "living galleries" in an artist's private mansion. These collections include works that have been narrowed down to the
American in Paris collection, featured works, as well as works of art by other artists in my private art collection from artists I respect and admire.  The art world is not kind to unknown artists...  So I've made sure to open doors and include works and studies from unknown artists!  As I am an "American in Paris" artist, I especially like the paintings of unknown artist who have created studies of the artists who have lived in Paris...

Since the pandemic, we decided to permanently discontinue offering onsite programs for museum visitors so that we could make art exhibitions completely online instead.  One of the advantages of moving the museum completely online is that it also allows us to focus on our global audience. Now we offer our exhibitions completely online for art lovers around the globe to stay engaged in the arts from the comfort of your own home.  Enjoy these selected paintings from our collections!

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