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Art News!

"Seasons in New England"

As an arts director and artist, I have a passion and commitment to the arts.  The pandemic was a challenging period for all of us, especially those of us "truly committed" to the arts!  Ironically, the pandemic was also a fantastic time of opportunity to completely change the way we live and work from home pursuing our passion and purpose in life.  That's how ZermenoMuseum was created.  Now that I've turned my own home into unique online museum to share with art lovers around the globe, I now spend much more time traveling to other museums for inspiration. So the latest art news actually relates to my having been traveling to visit of my favorite museums (and sites) in Rome, Firenze, Pisa, Aix en Provence, and Paris.  These museums and sites have been very inspirational to me, not only as an arts director but also as an artist.  In fact, now that I'm back here in New England my latest art news is that I am now busy working in the studio creating new works of art inspired by my travels to some great European art centers in Italy and France:

Rome * Pisa * Firenze * Provence * Paris

Public Arts






Studio News!


  • View iconic sites and learn about Art News from Italy & France

  • See how visiting The Lemon House in Boboli Gardens in Florence has inspired me to paint a lemon a day!  

  •  See "Tutto Al Limone", a series of lemon studies coming out of my art studio.
  • View how the bold colors of the Tuscan lanscape inspired a Fauvist work of Art!

  •  Learn how paying homage to Cézanne in Aix En Provence has changed the way I now paint a lemon. 

  • See the interior of a Paris apartment inspired by Picasso. 

  • View the museum's latest acquisition to our collections

  • View new work inspired by Graphic Design

  • Ever wonder how art exhibits get created?  It takes a lot of planning... See our 5-year line up of Future Exhibits!

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