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Tribute to Dr. Barnes

Quintessentially French


The American in Paris Gallery

From the Director


Why Pay Tribute to Dr. Barnes? 

Dr. Albert C. Barnes was a visionary art collector who converted his home and gardens into a museum and educational institution. 


Why is Dr. Barnes relevant to ZERMENO MUSEUM?  


ZERMENO MUSEUM would not exist without the influence and inspiration from this visionary art collector.  As an art collector myself and artist, Dr. Barnes was the greatest inspiration in my purchasing and renovating a historic mansion and converting my own home into a sanctuary for art and inspiration, as the new site of Zermeno Museum. 


Visiting Barnes' collection of French artist from Paris has always inspired me because those artists from Paris have always been my heroes from my early years living as an American in Paris.  As a tribute to Dr. Barnes and his collection of artists who gathered in Paris, Zermeno Museum is exhibiting a small selection of French-inspired paintings as an online exhibit in the American in Paris Gallery. 

The last exhibition was very large.  So this exhibition is limiting itself to just 10 selected works. The Barnes Museum has made a lasting impression on me and my life. So this small exhibition of Paris-inspired works is my unique way of saying "thank you" to the Barnes Museum and paying tribute to Dr. Barnes.  Thanks to Dr. Barnes, Zermeno Museum is now inspiring genuine art lovers around the world!


Dr. Albert C. Barnes, Collector

(Public photo from WikiPedia)

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