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Converting an artist mansion into a art museum is proof that we can all use our unique gifts to contribute to the world.  This unique artist museum and mansion is the vision of international artist David Zermeno, who is redefining our understanding of what a museum can be and how we experience the world of art.  Known as the "American in Paris" artist, Zermeno's paintings are inspired from his life and time in Paris.  His mostly Fauve and French Expressionist paintings are displayed in his historic mansion, using the site of his private estate as a sanctuary for art and inspiration. 


This house museum combines art and history in the traditions of Dr. Barnes, a visionary art collector and founder of the Barnes Museum, and Beauport, a House museum of Historic New England (an organization that preserves for the public historic homes, mansions, and landscapes by showing them as house museums, with each historic property containing its own private collection and telling the stories of its residents).  In this spirit Zermeno is fulfilling his American dream by sharing his own art and home as his artistic legacy.

To accomplish his vision he purchased Plumercrest, a historic Italianate Victorian mansion that once belonged to the family of Governor Plumer, a two-acre estate in New Hampshire, as the site to function as a private sanctuary for art and inspiration.  As he is still a working artist, the museum's upcoming online exhibit may include new works, as well as American paintings, folk art, art objects, and curiosities, all displayed as revolving collections in the rooms of his historic residence.



Home of the American in Paris Collection

A Sanctuary for Art & Inspiration

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