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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do you no longer offer private museum tours?

We discontinued our onsite museum tours for visitors in response to the global pandemic.  The other issue is location and relates to minimizing traffic in our community.  We are located in a quiet community in a peaceful country setting.  Out of respect for our quiet community, we no longer offer onsite public tours of the museum, galleries, sanctuary, and gardens. 

Will you continue to offer onsite programs, workshops, art classes, and lectures? 

All onsite art programs for museum visitors have been discontinued. Since the pandemic, the museum has had to re-evaluate how we would carry out its mission to continue serving the public in this new reality of social distancing. After much consideration, we have decided to discontinue offering all of our previous programs and onsite activities for museum visitors so that we could move the entire museum online instead and expand our mission for a global audience. 

Can I continue to visit the property to view the monuments, statues and, or gardens, and grounds surrounding the museum? 

No. The museum and sanctuary is also located on private property. 

Why are your online exhibitions not more frequent?

Zermeno Museum, sanctuary, and grounds continues to be under renovation.  In addition to being a director of the museum, I am also a full time artist who is busy working on creative projects and committed to creating new works of art.   

How will the museum continue to serve the public?

Zermeno Museum now continues to serve the public by offering online exhibitions.  Our exhibitions are now completely available online for the arts community and the general public and are currently free of charge!  No museum membership or donation is required.  So, for art and inspiration, feel free to look online for our upcoming online exhibitions. This decision now also allows us to extend our mission to serve global audiences and inspire art lovers from around the world just like you!  We are also be in the process of expanding our offsite services to organizations, individuals, including aspiring artists.


Do you exhibit your works of art and collaborate offsite with other museums, organizations, and galleries?

Yes! Feel free to view our programs page for Travelling Exhibitons.

If you have specific requests, email requests to:

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