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This Cafe´ View allows you to see examples from our Art for Coffee 

mug collection in our intimate indoor and outdoor cafe´setting.

Art for Coffee 

"CanCan Española"

This coffee mug comes straight from the American in Paris Gallery.  CanCan Española is a French-inspired work of art reminiscent of Paris and the CanCan dancers of the Moulin Rouge.  If you'd like to order this coffee mug, click here!

From The Gallery!

Screen Shot 2021-12-11 at 11.11.19 AM.png

"Femme Trapeze"

Femme Trapeze features one of our most iconic French-inspired paintings from our collection as a coffee mug.  This design is the perfect companion with all of your desserts!  If you'd like to order this coffee mug, click here!


"Bolero Girl"

Bolero Girl is both a Spanish and French inspired work of art!  If you'd like to order this work of art as a coffee mug in a newly updated wrap around design, click here!

1 copy.png

Ma Petite Fleur Préfereé

Ma Petite Fleur Préfereé is French inspired work of art that means "My favorite little flower!"  If this design is your favorite coffee mug, click to order here!


The Little Roman

The Little Roman features a classic Roman wrap around design created from an original drawing. This design was also featured in a recent exhibition titled "Barefoot in France".   If you'd like to order this coffee mug design, just click here!


The Goddess

The Goddess features an original nude drawing of "Cupid & The Goddess" featured on both the left and right side of the coffee mug. If you'd like to order this unique design, just click here!

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 6.53.41 PM.png
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