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The Making of a Museum
An Artist with a Vision

The Making of a Museum is the story of an artist with a vision. Creating a unique artist museum has been my most challenging and yet most rewarding artistic achievement. This is a story of an artist fulfilling his vision of The American Dream. This Dream was not accomplished overnight; it has taken over 30 years of leadership experience and a lifetime of commitment to the arts. 


Here you can see first hand the "behind the scenes" hard work, sweat, and sheer determination, overcoming challenges by personally installing museum statues from France outdoors on the grounds of my estate.  Since then I've also installed bronze fountains outside the American In Paris Gallery for art and inspiration both indoors and out. 

Art Installation Project

"Creating an art museum for Art & Inspiration is the fulfillment of The American Dream. If I inspire others to believe in their dreams then it will all have been worth it!"


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