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The Art of Cuisine


An Exhibition inspired by
Travels & Favorite Cuisines

Creating Culinary Art at Home During a Pandemic!

During this pandemic, now more than ever, many of us are appreciating just how important the quality of our home life really is.  That's why many of us are finding new creative outlets at home that also enrich the quality of our lives. Even now, it seems like every week we keep hearing of some new variant of the coronavirus.  So we have all been unable to dine out like we are so used to doing with family, friends, and loved ones.  As Americans we always find ways to persevere!  That's why I've been using this time during the pandemic to practice a unique form of art. 

     The Art of Cuisine has always fascinated me!  This unique art exhibit focuses on the culinary arts inspired by my travels and cultural cuisines.  This is my own journal using my kitchen as a studio for studying culinary arts at home during the pandemic.  I've been learning to create "edible art" at home inspired by my favorite restaurants, cafés, and travels.  These simple meals pay tribute to my favorite cuisines from around the world. During this pandemic I've been teaching myself how to create French baguettes, Tuscan breads and other artisan breads, and my favorite cultural dishes inspired mostly by Italy, France, Spain, Mexico, China, and Japan.  Lastly, as I am American, I am also including a few of my own American House Specialties from living on the Atlantic coast and the fishing ports of New England. 

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