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“Barefoot in France” was first conceived after finding this photograph where I was drawing barefoot on the balcony in southern France. As you can see from the title above, initially I was planning an exhibition of drawings using the pages of my drawing notebooks.  However, France has made a lasting impression in my work as an artist, designer, and arts professional to this day... That's why I've expanded this online exhibition to include: sketches, drawings, pastels, oil paintings, photography, and even graphic art. I also conclude this exhibition by returning to my roots with the Art of Cinema by giving you a"Paris Finale" as a short film.  My works reveal sources of inspiration. By the end of this exhibit, you will also learn "The Secret To My Creativity". 

Nimes, France

While in the south of France I attended a music festival in Nimes, one of my favorite French towns. There were so many bands playing music everywhere in the streets that I had so much fun dancing outdoors with the French people of the town. Music and dance has been such an important source of inspiration that I've chosen particular drawings for this exhibition that are fun, whimsical, and expressive.


When I returned to America my travels in France lead to many "Expressive Works".  What I love most about being an Expressionist is that I never know what will come out of me.  It's always amazing to me that even scribbling on paper can be so wonderfully blissful. 

In Nimes, France I was fascinated with all the history, art, and architecture of ancient sites that reference mythical legends from The Age of the Gods.  This exhibition would not be complete without including them as a theme in this art exhibition. It was certainly a challenge to incorporate the "History and Historic Sites" & "The Classical Period of Art" from "The Age of the Gods" with the pages of my drawing notebooks. That's why it took me several months to finally complete... Most of all I was determined to make sure this online exhibition was presented for you in a such a way that was not only educational, but also especially interesting while remaining true to having a good time.  Lastly, as Paris has been one of my greatest influences in my art, our journey concludes with a Paris finale of some works from "My Life & Time in Paris".  For the sake of clarity, I've organized this exhibition into three main categories below. 


"Barefoot in France"

Works Inspired By My Time in France


Exhibition Themes:

  • NIMES AND THE CLASSICAL: The town of Nimes and the Classical Period

  • EXPRESSIVE WORKS: The creative process and expressive works

  • RETURN TO PARIS: Works from my life and time in Paris


This exhibition now includes much more than drawings from France.  The exhibition now includes over 30 viewing galleries with many works of art for you to enjoy. In many ways working on this art exhibition was like writing and designing an entire book for you! I still can't believe that this entire online exhibition was all inspired by looking at a photograph while on the balcony drawing barefoot in France...  As the director, I could not begin without first thanking you for all your support!


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