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Artist as Collector

I'm not ashamed to admit that I've lived a little...

Artist as Collector

A Focus on French Art

Selections from My Private Collection

During my early years living as an American in Paris I had such a beautiful life living as a bohemian in the streets of Paris.  Many of my closest friends were painters, dancers, and  performance artists.  As performance artists we used to spend our time in the streets of Paris and hanging out in the cafés of Montmartre and Pigalle. Back then I was young, naive, fearless, and very carefree.


The galleries in Paris were a form of art and entertainment and a way of loving life (not to mention a place where starving artists could get a free meal).  The Museé D'Orsay was where I first fell in love with art, especially the art of Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Degas, Maurice Denis, Cézanne among others...


After spending so much time in galleries and hanging out with dancers, and performance artists, we'd often end up in private soireés (all night parties) until the early morning light. During this time I was most influenced by the Fauves and the French Expressionists. 


So when I started painting, it's no wonder that I become a something in between an American Fauve and a French Expressionist. In any case, that's how I went from being a "American in Paris" artist.  I couldn't help it; it was what came out of me naturally. 


My favorite Fauve was Matisse. To me he was a TOTAL daredevil.  I had never seen art like that before!!! I was especially impressionable and captivated by how unabashedly bold and authentic French artists were in person and how they expressed their feelings directly on the canvas without concern for letting anything get in their way.  I suppose that's why I enjoy being alone in my studio...  What I loved most about Matisse was that the pure unapolegetic color of his paintings.  His paintings  had the purity and innocence of a creative and fearless child, and yet the wisdom and "spirituality of a master"!


So my own private collection reflects mostly European and American artists in the French style of the modern masters who I admire. Having lived in Paris, the style of my collection reflects my admiration for Picasso, Matisse, and contemporary artists such as Kanas, including works from a Russian-born artist and friend named Natalya.  Years later I was fortunate to study in Vermont with an American master named Bill Brauer, who is also a great art teacher.  He was also one f the nicest human beings I've ever known... My collection includes Shaun McNiff, who I greatly respect and admire as a leader of the creative arts movement.  He was also great mentor, helping me to have my own successful career in the arts. 


I collected many works by Glenn G.  My collection even includes a painting from Max Cate, immediately purchasing Cate's painting of a red horse because it struck its simplicity and purity and reminiscent of  Matisse.  As these paintings are presented in a historical governor's mansion, the collection also includes a selection of traditional American paintings.


These paintings are just a selection from my art collection.  I also have many revolving paintings from less known artists whose works I love, some of them clearly inspired by the French artists I love so much. In general, my private collection gravitates towards works that express strong bold, expressive, raw, authentic emotions. What I love most about these works is that I can see and feel their unique personalities come through.

I've also acquired a large art collection of other artists who I greatly admire.  Robert Casper is definitely one of them!  Casper studied under Hans Hoffman and left a large body of work. Unfortunately, he recently passed away but thanks to his artistic contribution as a great artist, I will not let his legacy be forgotten...  I've now acquired enough Caspers to offer him a one-man show. Unfortunately, the limitations of being a "house museum" we can only offer small exhibitions... So we encourage partnerships arts organization with a large exhibition space so I can give artists like Robert Casper and other under appreciated artists whose works I've collected the honor they deserve!  

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