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We cannot forget the promise and importance our founding fathers placed on freedom and the right to the pursuit of happiness.  For me, the pursuit of happiness meant having the freedom travel to Paris as an American artist.  That's why my unique style of art is inspired by my life and time living as an ‘American in Paris’. 

Many of us go through life expecting others to validate and discover us. This is especially true for many artists who seek approval from museums to validate us and our work as artists and human beings. Fortunately I come from a strong background as a community leader in the public access movement empowering disadvantaged communities to gain access to arts and education programs to have a voice in civic engagement.  Just because you are not rich and famous does mean you don't have value. 


That's why it's important for me to personally show you that we can all redefine our own success and happiness.  As as artist, my purpose is to use my life as an artist to inspire you that we all have intrinsic value as human beings!  That's why I am now using my own home as a unique artist museum and organization to inspire the global arts community with the strong message that you don't need others to validate and discover you.  My message is a simple but important one: 


You don't need others to discover you. 

The best person to discover you is you!"  

Having spent a lifetime working in the arts, that's why I am now fulfilling a higher purpose, offering my historic mansion  and the grounds of my estate as a ‘living artist museum’ to serve as a sanctuary for art and inspiration.  Sharing my art collection online is my way of  inspiring the world in my own unique way.   I am also redefining the meaning of success on my own terms validating my own value and purpose as an artist. Now that I've converted a historic mansion into my own private art museum I can honestly say that I am living The American Dream. My personal mission is to inspire you to believe in yourself so that you too can follow your own dreams living The Art of Happiness.


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