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Return to Nature

An Exhibition Celebrating Nature


In this new reality of living in a world of “social distancing” now more than ever people are leaving big cities and moving into the country. Many of us are now appreciating the important role that nature plays in our health, wellbeing, and in our inner happiness.

This unique exhibition focuses on works of art as a celebration of life in nature. The message of this exhibition is simple: It is time to appreciate nature as a way of life. That's why this exhibition includes works of art celebrating nature in different forms from the perspective of a unique museum in nature that is sanctuary for art & inspiration.

Many great artists throughout the centuries have always known that nature is our greatest teacher. Artists have always been inspired by an endless array of multifaceted forms, shapes, and colors, depicting nature in many ways.

Now more than ever, returning to nature provides an opportunity to appreciate the endless beauty that nature has to offer. Therefore, this unique exhibition celebrates returning to nature with selections of art representing nature to inspire you. As an artist, I will also share how nature has also personally enriched my own life.

Enjoy the show!


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