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The Artist Space


The Artist Space

Lemon Series inspired by Italy

"Tutto al Limone"

An artist studio is a sacred space for express creativity.  For me , the "atelier" is also a place to read, take breaks from work to have a cup of coffee, and look at my paintings in progress and reflect.  The artist studio is also a place for enjoying life!  My creative environment is very important to me.  In my studio, for example, are postcards as well as objects from my travels, most recently to Italy.  Here, in this corner nook of my studio, you can also see the Italian flag  and a painting of a lemon on the wall of my studio.  I was so inspired by seeing so many lemons in Italy that I dedicated an entire series of lemons titled "Tutto al Limone".  The title is a take from "gelato al limon" one of my favorite songs by Italian jazz singer Paolo Conte.  To get more art news about my lemon series and other new works influenced from recent travels, click here.

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