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The Boboli Gardens as Inspiration!

"Lemons Inspired by Boboli Gardens"
Firenze, Italia
"Tutto Al Limone!"

Having been an artist for 25 years, there's only thing I know for certain: "Inspiration comes from the most unusual and unexpected places"...  Yet Tuscany is so beautiful that it's impossible for an artist like me NOT to be inspired by Firenze!  But little did I know that my next inspiration would come from painting lemon studies in my studio inspired by the lemons in Boboli Gardens.  That's why I'm calling this series of lemon studies: "Tutto Al Lemone"!   Before we travel to Firenze to view lemon studies inspired by one of the Europe's most beautiful gardens, first we will make a quick stop in Rome to see some my favorite museums, public parks, and monuments from the heart of Rome!

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