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The Mona Lisa

The Beauty of Skin Colors

I wanted all children to know that they were already perfect and beautiful just as they are! Back then the diversity of beauty was seldom represented positively in television, newspapers, magazines, politics, the press, and especially in art history. So I decided it was time for that generation of children to update and "redefine beauty" using the power of art!

So first I went looking for one of the most iconic examples of beauty in the history of art. That’s why I decided on Leonardo’s Mona Lisa. After purchasing a large reproduction of the Mona Lisa, I then brought it to the children in my after school program so they could reimagine themselves as this famous beauty in the history of art. As you will see from this short video, that's why I asked the children to work together as a team to reimagine what the Mona Lisa would look like if she were one of them living in their diverse community.

Even though this is a very old art program that I created many, many years ago to address racism, I hope this art project will continue to inspire others, especially adults who are still concerned about skin color and the messages they are sending to children. Hopefully this Mona Lisa exhibit dedicated to diversity will also help everyone to finally realize that beauty comes in all ethnicities and skin colors.

The End.

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