Art Studies From the Studio

I'm always working on some creative project. Every project brings its own challenges.  That's why I enjoy preparing studies to resolve the issues that I know I will face before working on the final work of art.

     I prefer solving these challenges in advance so that the final process of creating a work of art can go much more smoothly.  I've now acquired a lot of artistic studies over the years.  Sometimes I even even have these studies displayed on the walls of my studio like an art exhibit.  So I thought it would be a great concept to have studies from the studio as as its own unique exhibition. 

     "Studies" is an exhibition that will be exhibited in a French salon style on the walls of  the new French Salon Gallery. So stay tuned for this exciting future exhibit that will celebrate the creative process by exhibiting artistic studies as sketches, drawings, and underpaintings to demonstrate the important role they play in creating a final work of art.  


Portrait   Study

"Underpainting on Board"