The Art of Failure

"An Exhibit of Failed Paintings" 

Most people look at me as being that passionate and prolific "American in Paris" artist who has lived and exhibited in Paris. They see me now living in a mansion and having this interesting and exciting life and all they see is "success"!  However, what they don't see are all my failures I've had along the way... 


Success didn't happen overnight. Besides, I've lived long enough to know that success is much too overrated.  As human beings, we naturally learn much more from our failures.  Personally, that's why my failures have been much more valuable and meaningful to me than all of my many successes...  In fact, many times, it's actually the fear of failure that keeps people from striving what what they really want in life.  But let's face it: failure is also part of life. So if you aren't willing to fail, than you aren't likely to succeed either.  When people come to me for advice, that's why I often say :


"You're going to make mistakes.  That's inevitable.  Making mistakes is okay.  What's important is that we learn from those mistakes..."


It's my personal mission to use my art to be an inspirational artist.  That's why this exhibition will focus on my failed paintings as inspiration and a metaphor for the value and lessons I learned along the way on the way to finally having "balance" in living a successful and, more importantly, a meaningful life!  

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