The Art of Transformation
A Butterfly Exhibit in the American in Paris Gallery
What we can learn from the caterpillar

Art is transformational!  One day I saw caterpillars in my garden just outside the American in Paris Gallery.  Most people would look at a caterpillar and say "What's the big deal? That's just a worm."  But to me a caterpillar is much more than just a worm.  Also, for some reason the caterpillars crawd their way completely out of my overgrown garden and started hanging upside down and then started creating c0coons on my large museum limestone statues from Paris.  While hanging upside down in their cocoons that's where started growing wings.  As the caterpillars finally came out of their cocoons, they had literally transformed into beautiful beautiful butterflies. It was fascinating to watch!!!  The transformation reminded me of how my own life was turned upside down when my own life was transformed in France into and American in Paris artist.  Some of the butterflies literally transformed in my the palms of my hands while we were in the American in Paris Gallery.  This is not just a story about the creation of the American in Paris gallery but also a metaphor for life!  As an artist, this profound experience with nature showed me that transformation is literally in my hands.   

     As human beings, we all go through tough times; it's part of the human condition. The lesson of the caterpillar, as it grows wings and transforms into a butterfly, teaches us that, by having  "a higher purpose", we can always grow wings and rise above our unique individual obstacles and personal everyday earthly problems and challenges.

    And, even if you don't know your higher purpose, imagine if each time you saw a caterpillar you would take a minute to reflect on it as nature’s reminder to NEVER GIVE UP in your own transformation and have the courage to pursue your own higher purpose in life... As an artist, I can totally relate to this metaphor because I am constantly transforming and improving into a better more uplifting version of myself mentally, physically, and spiritually. That's how I was able to transform a historic home into a unique artist museum and sanctuary for art and inspiration.  So this exhibit will exhibit live butterflies inside the American in Paris gallery.  This exhibition will also include examples of the butterfly paintings they inspired.  Lastly, The Art of Transformation will offer brief writings on the theme of how we can use nature as inspiration to transform our lives!