The Stereotype

An Exhibit that Celebrates the Crazy Artist Stereotype

Laughter & the Arts!

Throughout history there's always been the stereotype of the crazy artist.  Despite opinions to the contrary, I'm really not as crazy as you all think I am...  But I really do enjoy having you think that about me.  Nonetheless, just to show you that I can still make fun of myself, this exhibit pokes fun at my public persona playing the role of the Crazy Artist Stereotype. 

     As I've gotten older, fortunately I've learned the importance of having fun and not taking myself too seriously, especially in the art world!  So this exhibit is dedicated to humor and my having fun as a crazy artist.  This fun exhibition encourages you to loosen up, have fun, and enjoy life a little... 

     This exhibition is guaranteed to give you a good laugh (at my expense) and bring a smile to your face. Having a sense of humor is important in life, so this exhibition is sure to inspire you to lighten up a little and enjoy life!