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The Art of Cuisine


Introducing the Exhibit

Zermeno Museum presents this unique exhibition dedicated to "The Art of Cuisine" to share the edible art coming out of my kitchen that was inspired by the cuisines that chefs have served to me in my favorite places to visit.  The art of cuisine isn't just about enjoying food, it's about enjoying LIFE!  Above you can see a loaf of artisan "Tuscan bread" I've made inspired by my time in Tuscany.  I've also set the table at home with miniature bronze statues in a manner reminiscent of the European parks and gardens I've visited during my time in the cities of Europe, especially Paris, Rome, Venice, Florence, Salamanca and Madrid.  I dedicate this exhibit to all chefs everywhere!  In my opinion, chefs deserve to be honored as unique artists for inspiring us with their culinary art and enriching the quality of our lives. 

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