The Simple Life

The Art of Finding Joy in Simple Living

Homelife as Inspiration

Art doesn't have to be something you only find in museums!  We can find the joy of art in our simple everyday lives...  In my opinion, the joys of living a simple life is way too underrated!  Even though I'm an artist, there are many things that give me even more joy than painting.  For example, nothing gives me more joy than spending a day on my tractor mowing the lawn of my property.  Yard work and gardening allows me to be outdoors and celebrate the beauty and the art of nature. In fact, many of my paintings have been inspired by working the land.  So rather than looking to a traditional art museum for art and inspiration, this exhibition will show how even simple things like: gardening, working on flowers beds, and even landscaping can be a great source for finding the joy of art in nature and in our everyday lives. We will also give examples of how working outdoors in nature have inspired original works of art.